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What is Adopt a House?

Adopt A House is a 501(c)3 nonprofit agency and is dedicated to help re-build our local communities by bringing valuable information, solutions and financial assistance to Long Island residents affected by Super Storm Sandy and other emergency situations. Run entirely by volunteers, Adopt A House's simple mission is to support recovery for Long Island's SouthShore by preparing and administering a comprehensive disaster aid and long term recovery program to individuals, families and the community. Adopt A House also contributes assistance to individuals in unfortunate emergency circumstances by easing financial burdens and offering help and guidance. We achieve this mission through multiple avenues including, but not limited to: educational workshops, community outreach, programs for financial assistance, community service, and acting as liaison between elected officials and registered families. We are constantly striving to improve our ability to assess housing needs, improve community services and raise funds that go directly to registered families and our programs.




Adopt A House, due to its wonderful volunteers and generous donors, has successfully run multiple projects around several needs. Here are some examples:


  • ​A weekend donation and delivery event was held the weekend after the storm. Our volunteers were able to knock on nearly every door of the affected areas and attain information and wish lists that were fulfilled the same day.
  • Financial and logistical assistance has been provided on an ongoing basis to affected residents through our hub on facebook and website.
  • Hosted the first mold remediation workshop for residents and a second that drew over 275 attendees
  • Facilitated a pajama donation program.
  • Sent fifteen registered families to attend the Rachael Ray Show, where they received $10,000 in donations and gifts.
  • Operation Decoration Donation was held shortly before Christmas, during which we gave away more than 175 donated Christmas trees, thousands of holiday decorations, and Santa gave hundreds of toys to visiting children.
  • Adopt A House was also able to provide many homes with children's toys and gifts for the holidays
  • In January 2013 we began on-going distribution of cash grants to some of the registered homes.
  • Quilt Donations to families from over the country and as far as France.
  • Concrobium mold giveaway over 100 bottles to families in need
  • Panel Discussion on House lifting
  • Helped Host Super Storm Sandy Benefit Concert – Local Rockin Oldies Bands
  • Roofing, Siding, and Molding Workshop
  • Filing Supplementary Insurance Claims Workshop with Touro Law School
  • Adopt A House Donation Program on for participating homeowners.
  • Roofing, Siding, and Mold Workshop
  • Active and invited to sit on the panel of CRP committee thru the State of NY for Lindenhurst village in ways to spend monies intended to rebuild community after Super storm Sandy
  • Hosted one yr anniversary in village square attended by over 300 people
  • Filing Supplementary Insurance Claims Workshop with Touro Law School
  • Co-hosted with Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Q & A with Jon Kaiman of NYR
  • Co-hosted with Sandy Support Massapequa Style, Suffolk & Nassau’s STOP FEMA NOW rally.  Worked with NY’s Senators, Schumer & Gillibrand, and  Rep Maxine Waters, herself  who gave us a statement AGAINST the laws implementations later picked up by all major news media. This helped to result in the roll back of Biggert-Waters 2012
  • Adopt A House Donation Program on for participating homeowners raised $13,000.
  • Granted out $10,000 to families in cash & gift cards
  • Ikea furniture gift card giveaway valued at $3500 followed by a holiday party for 250 people.
  • Continuing Kitchen appliance program.  FULL Kitchen appliances donated to 18 low to moderate income families. 
  • Hosted Stars of Hope for Lindenhurst Village.
  • Recent winner of the Ikea Life Challenge of $10,000 being used to gift 17 children of Sandy families all new bedroom furniture.
  • Facilitating continuous “mini grant” program valued right now at over $55,000 to help cover costs of truly unmet needs of still struggling Families trying to recover & rebuild.
  • CO-hosted with Sandy Support Massapequa Style to give away over 500 trees & bushes to help replace those lost in the storm to recovering families.  Valued over $1000
  • Providing once again a workshop on house lifting, this time with Zucaro House lifters and arranged for special offers for AAH members only as well as $500 rebate gift card
  • Continuing to assist with families and get latest information to applicants dealing with the NYS grant program well as trouble shooting individual cases.
  • Works continuously with our elected official, local, state & federal on issues of recovery & rebuild affecting our families.


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