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Adopt A House was founded to help re-build our local communities by bringing valuable information and solutions to Long Island residents affected by Super Storm Sandy. We have become a pivotal force in providing support for area residents. Our collective vision was to help each and every home get back on its feet, and we are dedicated to making that happen swiftly.

Adopt A House, due to its wonderful volunteers and generous donors, has successfully run multiple projects around several needs. Here are some examples:


  • A week donation and delivery event was held the week after the storm. Our volunteers were able to knock on nearly every door of the affected areas and attain information and wish lists that were fulfilled the same day.

  • Began the Lindy Manpower program for gutting and demolition of homes – completed 60 homes til Dec. 2012.

  • Facilitated a pajama donation program where 250 pajamas were donated to families.

  • Operation Decoration Donation was held shortly before Christmas, during which we gave away more than 175 donated Christmas trees, thousands of holiday decorations, and Santa gave hundreds of toys to visiting children. (Special Thanks to Herig, Kurtz, & Pokorny family)

  • Adopt A House was also able to provide many homes with children's toys and gifts for the holidays

  • Quilt Donations to families from over the country and as far as France.

  • Concrobium mold giveaway over 100 bottles to families in need

  • Helped Host Super Storm Sandy Benefit Concert in Lindenhurst – Local Rockin Oldies Bands

  • Fundraisers – Continuously throughout the year at community fairs & events

  • Hosted Stars of Hope for affected residents to help raise community awareness as well as to increase emotional stability with affected residents.

  • Project Green Thumb: Selected families will have trees removed, land rototilled, grass seed, and flower gardens planted.

  • Project Managed: Selected Seniors, Low income, and Disabled Individuals are helped by Adopt a House. We help to complete purchases for them to rebuild and prepare their home  to live in a safe environment.

  • Hosted one year anniversary in Lindenhurst village square attended by over 300 people

  • We've matched homeowners, school districts, classrooms, and companies with families to provide donations ranging from cash, furniture, and unmet needs.

  • We've facilitated two press conference with Senator Schumer resulting in several homeowners seeing their bank issues resolved.

  • In March of 2013 we made donating directly, or "adopting a house" even easier with a campaign.

  • Panel Discussion on House lifting at Lindenhurst High School with multiple house lifters and Town of Babylon Zoning Committee

  • Roofing, Siding, and Mold Workshop – 275 attendents

  • Filing Supplementary Insurance Claims Workshop with Touro Law School

  • Co-hosted with Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Q & A with Jon Kaiman of NYR

  • Provided a workshop on house lifting with Zucaro House lifters and arranged for special offers for AAH members only as well as $500 rebate gift card

  • Navigating the NY Rising Process with Cindy Zies

  • Granted out funds to families in cash & gift cards when donations are received

  • Sent fifteen registered families to attend the Rachael Ray Show, where they received $10,000 in donations and gifts.

  • Adopt A House Donation Program on for participating homeowners which raised almost $13,000.00

  • Ikea furniture gift card giveaway valued at $3,500 followed by a holiday party for 250 people

  • Continuing Kitchen Appliance Program. FULL Kitchen appliances donated to 20 low to moderate income families valued over $24,000

  • Recent winner of the Ikea Life Challenge of $10,000 being used to gift 17 children of Sandy families all new bedroom furniture

  • Facilitating continuous “mini grant” program valued right now at over $45,000 to help cover costs of truly unmet needs of still struggling families trying to recover & rebuild

  • Co Hosted with Sandy Support Massapequa Style. Gave away over 500 trees & bushes to help replace those lost in the storm to recovering families. Valued over $2000

  • Financial and logistical assistance has been provided on an ongoing basis to affected residents through our hub on facebook and website.

  • We ran local rallies on some monthly Anniversaries of Superstorm Sandy to raise community awareness

  • Continually run different letter writing campaigns to officials.  

  • Continuing to work with NYR to get latest information to applicants as well as trouble shooting individual cases, recently successful in getting IMA for 38 families.

  •  Active and invited to sit on the panel of CRP committee thru the State of NY for Lindenhurst village in ways to spend monies intended to rebuild community after Super storm Sandy 

  • Working continuously with our elected official, local, state & federal on issues of recovery & rebuild affecting our families

Adopt A House continues its mission and has many more upcoming workshops, programs and events in the near future. We are a non-profit organization and our goal is to connect families who have been affected by unfortunate circumstances, with community members who are willing and able to help those in need.

Donations are welcome and may be made online or by check made payable to Adopt A House.

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