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Please register with us so we can keep in touch and keep you informed of our many programs designed to benefit those in need after Superstorm Sandy. Some of the benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • ​Automatically signed up for our "adoption" program
  • Automatically considered for other initiatives that we benefit from. Some examples are the recent pajama program for children and currently a jacket giveaway of 75 Men's jackets
  • Eligible for cash assistance through our Crowdrise fundraising page
  • FREE access to our informative seminars
  • Access to our in-depth resource guide and prompt notifications of additions and changes
  • Notifications and live updates of important news pertaining to grants, town and village initiatives and more
  • Subscription to our informative newsletter
  • And more!

Now you are eligible to participate in our Fundraising Program

After you have registered with Adopt A House you are eligible to setup a Crowdrise Account on our Adopt A House Team.   Please follow below link to Crowdrise website to make sure it is something you would be interested in participating in.  If you have any questions about the program as well as setup, please email

Crowdrise: Our Fundraising Site

Adopt a House is creating a page for each house to raise cash money through tax deductible donations to Adopt A House. Any money raised on your behalf will go to you* with NO RED TAPE. These fundraisers can be joined and shared by you and your friends and family.

There are few rules: You must be registered with Adopt A House for us to pay you. When you register with Adopt A House you agree that the information you are providing is an accurate description of your situation, that applies here as well. You may only run one fundraiser at a time. We will pass along the donations to you minus fees and 5% (when needed) to the Adopt A House pot, which helps us keep our programs up and running. We receive funds raised 1X per month from, once the check is cleared, if you've raised money we will send a check to you. NO RED TAPE. Please keep in mind, that this is only a tool to raise money, we can not guarantee donations on your behalf.

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